Snow and Dormant Pruning


Dormant Pruning

A dormant pruning program is essential to any landscape maintenance plan. It lays the groundwork for the entire growing season, at a time of the year when virtually no pathogens are in the environment to cause infection to the plants. Dormant pruning involves pruning deciduous shrubs and ornamental trees in the winter when the plants are in their dormant stage. Pruning methods are properly selected for individual specimens. Matthies Landscape considers such factors such as the plant's age, health, environment, and function in the landscape design. Dormant pruning involves removing dead, diseased and damaged tissue as well as crossing or crowded branches to produce a structurally sound plant. We highly recommend dormant pruning the most important, overlooked step towards a beautiful and healthy landscape.


Matthies Landscape has been a full service commercial and multi-family snow and ice management contractor for over 25 years. Our fleet of snow vehicles equips Matthies Landscape to manage all of your snow removal needs 24 hours a day / seven days a week. Matthies Landscape's snow system provides necessary coverage during every type and size of storm. We use the most advanced weather services to prepare and track every winter snow event and offer emergency phone service to all of our clients.

Snow Removal Services Include:

•Snow Plowing
•Salting Roads, Walkways, and Sidewalks
•Snow Blowing and Shoveling of Sidewalks
•Moving and Hauling of Snow.