Quality Mulch and Plant Material

Matthies Landscape is a full service landscape company that addresses all aspects of a client's property. We provide friendly and efficient service tailored to the client's needs. We strive to improve the quality of your life through your landscape.

Plant Material

Properly placed and selected plant material is essential to every landscape. A variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses with different bloom times, textures and seasonal color add interest to all aspects of your front and back yard landscape. Lush plantings create height, depth, and privacy in your landscape while providing beauty and tranquility whether it is warm or cold outside. Quality, locally grown plant material installed by Matthies Landscape adapt well to all environmental conditions.


Our drainage experts will provide a solution for all of your drainage issues. Matthies Landscape is highly skilled in moving and directing standing water in your yard or along the foundation of a building or home. By grading, installation of drywells, French drains, installing yard drains, and burying sump pump discharge away from your house or building we can solve all of your property drainage problems. We also install drain tile to extend downspouts away from homes, buildings, sidewalks, and drives.

Specialized Areas Include:

  • Locally Grown Plant Material
  • Drainage
  • Bed Preparation - Compost / Topsoil
  • Mulch
  • Sod / Seed
  • Transplants / Removals
Path in Garden - Landscaping in Lombard, IL
Garden - Landscaping in Lombard, IL


Add an elegant feel to your landscape by illuminating your yard with attractive outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting not only beautifies your outdoor space when the sun goes down, it also increases the security and safety of your property.

We specialize in the latest LED long lasting energy saving lighting technology. Professionally designed low-voltage landscape lighting creates a serene setting that your neighbors will envy. A combination of various lighting fixtures allows you to highlight plantings, light walkways, and accent gardens.